Memories of the Pacific Rim: Impressions on Canvas



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Port Townsend Gallery

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July 6,  5p-8p

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Salon Saida

1429 Market St, Kirkland, WA 98033

Guest Artist

Gallery North, Edmonds

401 Main St, Edmonds, WA 98020


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Artist’s Statement

Tom Saknit, Redacted Photography™ Fine Art Photography

“Were you there, did you read about it, or might it remind you of a story someone once told you?”

Our memory of places and events is imperfect…sometimes truer-than-true and sometimes less than faithful. With Redacted Photography™ through color, motion and meticulous deletion I play with images and perception to highlight the imprecision of memory…and the joy of romanticized recollection. 

A mixed media artist in the broadest sense of the term, my work begins with a photograph and through a subtle minimalistic approach, ends with an impression. The work is a fugue on my fascination with the unreliability of memory, and the fight for clarity to recall life’s fleeting moments. The work is systematically, unflinchingly subjective, referencing recognizable form at its basic level and inviting the viewer to fill in the lost spaces that punctuate the canvas.

I have always been drawn to unfinished work and the forms that are created in the transformative (and for me, magical) process that lies between concept and creation. The skeleton of a building under construction…the pieces of cloth on a designers table…Gilbert Stuart’s “Washington,” …Leonardo da Vinci’s “Adoration of the Magi.” As an artist I am driven by the challenge to present an image…a memory… with as little information as possible, while still preserving impression and impact.

In the Pacific Northwest, I live and work on pieces which I hope will work for you.

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