Virtual Staging

Imagining what could be

For some, art is an investment. For others, it is a decoration. Either way, wouldn’t it be nice to pre-visualize what your new piece could look like in your space…or to even see several options of what might work.

To that end, I offer virtual staging.

With your photograph and measurements, I can alter your picture to include one or more pieces/versions for your consideration.





Just a few steps to seeing your vision

  1. Tape a tape-measure to your wall near the center of the wall space.
  2. Take a digital photograph (full resolution please) of your wall including windows, and other objects that will be near your new piece.
  3. Email me the photograph with a request to see a specific image or images in a size you think might be good.
  4. I’ll process that image and send you a sample like the one seen here.
  5. From there we can try other other options until you settle on the image(s) and size(s) you like.